emotionsickness (intothepavement) wrote,

partners in crime.

"i swear to you, gentleman, that to be overly conscious is a sickness. a real, thorough sickness." -fyodor dostoevsky

commonly uttered phrases
knee-high lace up boots
when clothes don't fit
for a minute there, i lost myself. that was close.
there is no such thing as love. somewhere, we will meet.
it's awkward to speak now out loud. don't trust myself.
i'm the king of the world.

quick pick-me-up pick up my heart rate like it's a race to get to the end a chance to look into a real mirror no more shiny windows no more shiny words no more gifts from the children of company mergers.

i've been a slow, stubborn child. no one can teach me anything. i've done it all twice.

this is where you start wishing that you were a star. a welcomed transportation to a spot in the night sky.
where problems cannot ever be solved, so no one ever tries. they all just sit there and shine.
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