They're playing love songs on the radio tonight.

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and if anyone asks you why you took your mask off, just say you were never really there.
Tonight I learned that sometimes tears come for no reason at all, but at the same time, for every reason.

Tonight I actually thought, "no, this isn't enough. when the shit hits the fan, I need someone here."

That thought is scarier than anything else that could have happened tonight. I know the drill for the other shit. Not this.

And tonight things came rushing back in these gigantic flashes and I just sat on my couch hugging my knees to my chest, like I was 20 again.

Sometimes, even though you know you've come so far and you've shown them all that they were wrong, you start to wonder if maybe they were right.

I know at least four people who would beat the shit out of that guy, and save for one, they're all really far away right now. And the one that's here? I wouldn't call.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, every once in awhile, the girl who just wants to be left alone, doesn't want to be alone at all; so she wipes those tears away and learns about chinese medicine.


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