They're playing love songs on the radio tonight.

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I don't like wine.
I don’t like bubble baths.
I don’t like high heels.
I don’t like the elliptical machine.
I don’t like dancing.
I don’t like yogurt that tastes like key lime pie or strawberry cheesecake (fat free, of course).
I don’t want it all.
I’m not put together.
I drink dark, strong beer and I care about what’s happening to the world outside of my city.
But I’m not pretentious, and I’m not an intellectual.
I’m a jumbled mess of half-hearted ambitions and lots of daydreams.
And on Saturday nights I’m drinking my strong dark beer and I’m checking out of this place.
Back to daydream land.

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The more people I know, the more I think we're all jumbled messes; some people cobble together their parts more convincingly, but they all fall apart when no ones watching.

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