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everything's comin' up roses..

There's some town down there that I would have died being unaware of.
I've heard they have a good football team or something stupid like that.
A town in a country that I was raised to believe was a place for some of the worst people.
A country that only cared about what they wanted. And if you didn't give them what they wanted, the guns came out and the yee-haws started.
Cowboy country. Watch out.

I grew up believing that the cowboys were our downfall.
I grew up believing that because I was left-handed that I was bad.

In third grade, I had this teacher that used to smack my knuckles hard with a pencil when I didn't hold my pen properly.
I still don't hold my pen properly.
When you're left-handed, if you write with certain pens, the ink just smudges as you move your hand across the page.

But that's a problem for another day, I think.

Back to this town..
I feel a kind of unsteady heartbeat from it when he talks to me about it, and when he shows me pictures.
But it's still a heartbeat, and that means it's still alive.
I'm glad for this, because, this town will be the setting for kind of a life-changing moment. A moment when hopefully it will all come together.

All of the strange loves, all of the sleepless nights/days/weeks/years, all of the burning in my muscles and all of the nights in the rain will have led up to something.

A moment when all of the bricks built up by the mouths of others will come down with one hug.

More than 100,000 words will be validated in this town. And this hug?

I want the border guards to feel it.
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